How to add Text to Speech on Instagram Reels? Best 2 Hacks

how to add text to speech on Instagram reels

How to add Text to Speech on Instagram Reels? ~ Add in 2 ways

Greetings! Welcome to this guide blog. I know what you are looking for. This blog is about your search term – how to add text to speech on Instagram reels?

Continue reading the article at the end and follow the process step by step. Don’t worry about whether the information is correct or not – I wrote it after a deep analysis. 

Instagram is the most popular and engaging social media platform in this generation. More than 1 billion people use this meta platform – and 74% of them use the Reel features. The percentage is steadily increasing with age and generation.

Instagram Overview 

Mainly, the Meta platform designed and developed the Instagram app approximately 12 years ago in 2010. This is the most popular and powerful networking platform where people share their every moment with photos and videos as well as by reels. People use Instagram for several purposes; some use it for personal usage, and some use it for marketing and business purposes. 

About Instagram Reels Text to Speech Feature

A couple of months ago, Instagram launched text-to-speech features on Reels that overtook other app’s engagements. This audio feature helps to make your content more attractive, even if you don’t want to use your own voice.

Additionally, it helps to describe the actual messages that you want to reach to people. As an Instagram user, I hope you pretty much know about Instagram & Reels. If you want to know about Instagram Reels – Read this.

Furthermore, the text-to-speech feature is also available in Instagram’s story as well as on IG.

How to add Text to Speech on Reels?

Kudos! I will share 2 ways to add text to speech on Instagram reels. Choose a way that you think is easy for you. In the first method, I will share how to add text to voice directly. Additionally, in the second method, I will share how to add text to voice by using TTS AI software.

text to speech instagram reels

# Method – 1: Directly add text to speech 

To do that, first install the Instagram app on your phone. If you have already, then make sure it is on the latest version or update the app. Otherwise, you won’t see the new feature. Okay!! Let’s dive in by opening the Insta app. Follow step by step –

>> Step 1 

Tap the (+) icon that you see in the center at the bottom menu of the Homepage. OR, go to your Insta profile and look at the top-right corner; you will find 2 options where the (+) icon is included.

>> Step 2

Select the Reels tab option. Also, choose a video/Image from your Gallery or record your video as you wish. Click Next.

>> Step 3

Tap the text option “Aa” that you’ll see on the Menu. Write the text that you want to add to your Insta reels. As well as you can also customize the styles of your written text.  

>> Step 4

After writing your text and hitting the Done button, you will see a Text bubble – Tap here. After that, tap on the black circle where you see the “More” option. 

Noted: Instagram Text-to-speech features are not available in all countries. If you see the feature, then complete step-6. But if you don’t find the feature, Don’t worry! I have a second option for you – Follow the Method -2

>> Step 5

This will show you 3 options: 1) Edit Text, 2) Text-to-speech, 3) Delete. Select Text-to-speech; it will show 3 options to choose from – Voice 1 (for Female AI Voices), Voice 2 (for Male AI Voices), and None. Choose As you wish, then Click Done. The process is on the End. You can now play Preview and check the added voice.

>> Step 6

If everything is alright, edit the cover, write an eye-catching caption, use some Hashtags, and post the Reel. Share your reel with your family members and friends to get as many views as you wish.

Check This Video for get the process more easily:

About Method – 2

This method is for those Instagram users who can’t find the text-to-speech feature; however, anyone can follow this method. Instagram text to speech somehow generates robotic voice output – in this case, you can continue to follow this.

This is a fantastic method to add text to speech on Instagram reels by using a human-like AI TTS voice generator. There are several AI generators available on the internet that are created to make voice overs for content creators, such as –, Narakeet, and Flex Clip. 

But, as my recommendation, FlexClip is the best choice for making attractive voiceovers for Insta reels, stories, and also for IG. I love it because it offers premium quality features. If you have an interest in knowing more about FlexClip TTS AI generator, then read this FlexClip Review. Come back to the main point – follow the second process.

# Method – 2: Add text to speech on Instagram Reels With FlexClip 

Instagram reels text to speech

Open the link in the new tab and follow these steps to make text to speech for Instagram reels with FlexClip software. 

>>Step 1

In the first step, Look at the Menu that is placed on the right side and click on Media. Upload your reels through any options. 

>> Step 2

Then, select the aspect ratio of 9:16, which is perfect for reels. Click on the Plus Icon (+) to add clips. Here are also trim and split options for splitting and adjusting the clips.

>> Step 3

Click on the Tools Tab, which is located at the bottom of the Menu. Click on Text to speech – select language, AI voice, and Voice style. Put your text in the Text section and Adjust the voice speed & pitch. Preview the audio and hit the Save to Media Button.

>> Step 4

FliexClip automatically generates your scripts into a voice and adds them to the Media library. You can adjust and set the created voiceover with the clips.

>> Step 5 

Add captions on your Reels with an attractive style using the Subtitle generator. Simply click on the Subtitle from the side menu and also on Auto AI Subtitle. Select language and accents, then click on Next.

Select the Subtitle Lines and styles as you wish, and click on Generate. Now, FliexClip will generate your captions automatically.

>> Step 6 

After generating your audio, Customize it as you want the text color, fonts, styles, alignment, and more. Additionally, you can add voice effects, text animations, royalty-free music, and transitions.  

>> Step 7

After completing the Editing process, simply download the video and upload it on your Instagram. 

To Sum Up

Hope now you know how to add text to speech on Instagram reels. I share 2 methods to convert your text to speech for your reels. Although Instagram has the text to speech option in the reel section, I suggest using FliexClip – Because it offers some premium quality features that can make your reels stand out and catch the eyes of your followers. 

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