How To Get More Disk Space On PC & Laptop? -6 Easy Methods

How To Get More Disk Space On PC

How To Get More Disk Space On PC

You may notice the Sluggish performance of your PC or Laptop that happens because of the disk space full. For that, this article is written about -“ How to get more disk space on PC or Laptop”? as well as, “Why is my PC disk space full”?

Why is my PC disk space full ?

There are several reasons why your PC’s disk space is full – you should care about these causes for faster performance & secure valuable data as well as files. Remember these 5 reasons and take them seriously:

#1 Temporary files

Every single day we use various applications via PC or Laptop – while using the applications or during system operations, they may create a couple of temporary files. Temporary files are not automatically deleted from the disk – which consumes the disk spaces.

#2 Large files

As you accumulate more and more large files on your computer, the available disk space gradually diminishes. A large amount of disk space can quickly be taken up by large files on your PC, such as high-resolution videos, extensive software installations, or large game files.

#3 Installed programs

Each program installed on a PC consumes disk space to store its files, libraries, and resources. If multiple applications are downloaded over time, the cumulative space they occupy can become substantial, potentially leading to limited storage capacity and slower system performance due to fragmented files and increased disk usage. Regularly monitoring and managing installed programs can help optimize disk space utilization.

#4 System backups

Certain backup software or system settings can automatically create daily basis backups of your files or the entire system. As these backups accumulate over time, they can consume a significant amount of disk space. Managing and organizing backups, such as deleting old or unnecessary ones, can help free up valuable storage space.

#5 System updates

When your operating system undergoes a software update, the installation files for the updated software will most likely be saved on your PC. These files take up a substantial amount of space on your computer if they are not cleaned up after the updates are performed.

How much disk space should be left?

If you want to ensure that your PC runs smoothly, then you must have enough storage space in your computer. If you want your system to perform better, keep around 20% free space on your hard drive. A full hard drive can cause your system to slow down. The amount of free space on your hard drive should be at least 10% if you want to defragment efficiently. When you reach 80% capacity on your hard drive, you are supposed to consider it full. Hence, you should make sure that you have a minimum of 10%-20% free space on your hard drive. How to get more disk space on PC or laptop? – This solution is broken down below.

Is Disk Space Full Danger For My PC?

Yes…!! Computers cannot function properly when their hard drives are full, as they lack the space they require for proper operation. As a result, performance can be slowed, files can’t be saved, and even the computer may crash, which affects overall efficiency. So, You should Learn “how to get more disk space on PC”

#1 Poor performance

Free up disk space or you get poor performance. It is important to keep in mind that when your disk space is full, it will have an adverse effect on the speed of your computer. In some cases, the operating system may have trouble finding enough free space for temporary files and other system operations. Because of this, response times are slow, boot-up times are long, and the overall performance of the computer is sluggish.

#2 Difficulty installing/updating programs

When your disk space is full, you may encounter difficulties when installing new programs or updating existing programs. Usually, installing and updating software requires some free space on your computer for the files to be unpacked and installed successfully. In the absence of sufficient space, the installation or update process is likely to fail or become unreliable.

#3 Loss of data

If your computer is unable to save new/updated files or perform automatic backups due to a lack of space, important data can be lost in case of system failures, accidental deletions, or other unforeseen events.

#4 Difficulty running maintenance tasks

Some system maintenance tasks, such as disk defragmentation or running disk cleanup utilities, require available disk space to function effectively. If your disk is full, these tasks may not be able to execute properly, resulting in fragmented files and accumulated junk files.

#5 System instability and crashes

It is common for systems to become unstable and crash due to insufficient storage space. It can cause unexpected system crashes, freezes, and errors if the operating system does not have enough space to perform essential functions.

How To Get More Disk Space On PC?

Above we break down why the disk space or hard drive full. Now, it’s time to what’s the solution ,  I mean -” How to free up space on pc ?” Follow this methods to increase disk space & disk cleanup:

delete temporary files

#1 Delete unnecessary files & Uninstall unused programs

You should clean up your computer, delete temporary files, and uninstall any unused programs in order to get the best performance. Start by identifying and removing files and programs that you no longer need.

Why is my PC disk space full

#2 Use disk cleanup tools

Utilize the built-in disk cleanup tools on your operating system. On Windows, you can use the Disk Cleanup utility to remove temporary files, system files, and other unnecessary data. This can help reclaim a substantial amount of disk space.

free up disk space windows 10

#3 Utilize cloud storage services

A cloud storage platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive, can help you increase the amount of storage space you have for your files. Using the cloud, you will be able to upload files to your PC and access them whenever you need them, thus reducing the amount of space it takes up on your PC.

Clear Browser Cache

#4 Clear Browser Cache

It is important to note that web browsers store temporary files and cache data in order to improve performance. The problem is, however, that over time, these files can accumulate and take up a considerable amount of disk space on your hard drive. You can free up some space by clearing the browser cache on a regular basis.

external hard drive and USB flash drive

#5 Use external storage devices

If you have large files or folders on your computer that are not frequently accessed, consider storing them on an external hard drive or USB flash drive. Using this method, you’ll be able to free up some space on the internal storage while still being able to access your files at any time when necessary.

to increase disk space

#6 Check for system backups

Some backup software or system settings may create regular backups of your files or system. Check if there are old or unnecessary backups taking up disk space and delete them if they are no longer needed.

How to get more disk space on MAC & laptop?

The process for increasing disk space on a computer, laptop, or Mac can differ slightly depending on the specific model and operating system being used. However, above we explain 6 standard methods: How to get more disk space on PC? Actually, this method is generally similar for computers, laptops, and Macs.

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