YESWELDER MIG-205DS Review: Is it a Worth Welding Machine?


Despite Lincoln or Miller, such famous brands’ DIY welder machines are on the market – Is it worth choosing the YESWELDER MIG-205DS welder to achieve a good welding experience? 

Well, it depends on some major factors and on your needs — to consider whether it is worth it for you or not. Let’s dive into the YESWELDER MIG-205DS review to decide, in the end, whether it is actually worth the money. 

[I have written this review after reviewing customer reviews, Live Testing reviews, and YESWELDER’s provided information.] 

YesWelder MIG-205DS Welder Features

  • Made up with IGBT inverter technology;
  • Operates on Dual-volt: 110-volt and 220-volt electricity;
  • 3 in 1 Multi-process welder MIG (Gas, Gasless)/Lift TIG/ARC;
  • Synergic control capability;
  • ‎Comes up with 34.7 pounds weight;
  • Welding materials: Carbon/Stainless Steel/ Aluminum;
  • Best welder for Beginners and hobbyist;

YesWelder MIG-205DS Review (in Details)

YesWelder MIG-205DS is the most choosable DIY-friendly welder machine, according to user response. Although the company (YesWelder) is new to the industry, therefore some consumers have doubts about selecting it. But I think it is worth your money; you won’t regret that after using it, you spent your money on a welder that turned out to be a complete failure.

The MIG-205DS is designed as a multi-process welder, means it is made for use in multiple purposes. YesWelder made it capable of providing Metal Inert Gas (MIG), simple stick (arc), and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)  welding (3 in 1). It is even capable of providing gasless MIG or gas MIG welding  – which is a good pinpoint for choosing it to get started on your MIG welding journey. Briefly, it’s an all-in-one DIY welder, which you can get at a reasonable budget – you do not need to break the bank.

The sounds may be strange! But, yeah, currently you can get it in just for $400— Which is considerably more affordable than other brands’ welders that provide the same features. 

Its use process is easy peasy for everyone, even for a beginner welder. If you are completely new to the welding world, I think you shouldn’t pass up the chance — try it once, hope you will be satisfied with it. 

What about MIG-205DS Welder’s Design?

I think you will enjoy its designs like others – MIG-205DS welder comes up with a more compact design than a traditional welder. Since It is built up with a lightweight and more petite body, therefore, you can easily store it anywhere you want, like on your shop shelf or in a corner.

There is also a noticeable thing that the spool reel parts are mostly plastic — but it’s not a downside. It appears made of high-quality plastic – you will even feel the quality when you touch it.

The MIG-205DS welder comes with a digital display where push buttons are included to adjust wire feed speed and more. This adjusting/customizing system is best for professionals. But, don’t worry! -There is also an automatic setting accessible, which adjusts the speed and voltage according to the amperage settings. 

Furthermore, Any shop can easily run this machine with an outlet because it is designed to run on 110-volt electricity and also on 220-volt electricity. It is just of 35 pounds but performs like a powerful one (welder) with special inverter technology.

Is YesWelder MIG-205DS easy to set up?

YesWelder MIG-205DS welder’s setup system is not so hard. Even if you don’t know anything about how to set up a Welder machine, you can also do it effortlessly without any frustrations. But how? Actually,  you can do it by following the setup instructions  — the company provided the welder with a crystal-clear manual.

The whole setup process may take a couple of minutes if you understand it well. It actually depends on you, but don’t be afraid — it’s not rocket science.  First, read the instructions well and set them up step by step as written. However, you will get the welder completely formed — you just need to set up some tools, such as the gun, some electrical fittings, the earth clamp, and some other things.

Welding With MIG-205DS

MIG Welding with Gas

In the case of Gas MIG welding, YESWELDER recommends percentages of gas for each metal. For mild steel, 100% CO2/MIG, 25% CO2, and 75% Argon MIG welding — For stainless steel, 2% CO2, 98% argon — and, for aluminum, 100% argon. And also recommends MIG welding wires for all materials — For mild steel, 030″ (0.8mm) &.035″ (0.9mm) ER70S-6 welding wire — For stainless steel, 030″ (0.8mm) &.035″ (0.9mm) ER308L welding wire — For Aluminum, .035″ (0.9mm) & 045″ (1.2mm) ER4043 and ER5356 (Aluminum) welding wire. Additionally, YESWELDER recommends a 5/8″-18RH gas fitting because of easy to install and remove for gas MIG welding.

Gasless MIG Welding

For gasless MIG welding, YESWELDER recommends 030″ (0.8mm) &.035″ (0.9mm) ET71-GS flux wire. 

Lift TIG Welding

Although MIG-205DS is able to perform TIG welding, but YesWelder doesn’t include TIG accessories (TIG torch and tungsten) with it. You have to purchase the accessories separately. YesWelder WP-17V-35 TIG torch is suggested for this welder.

DC Stick Welding

The MIG-205DS comes with an electrode clamp for Stick Welding. You can complete your stick Welding with 7018 and 6011 electrodes. Use more than 1/8″ electrodes on 110V and 5/32″ electrodes on 220V. 

YesWelder MIG-205DS Live Testing Review

Is the YesWelder MIG-205DS Welder Worth the Money?

After reading the YESWELDER MIG-205DS review, what do you think? Is it worth your money? – I ask you cause it totally depends on your needs. But, if you ask what users experienced after using it, what they told about their using experiences. 

Currently, on Amazon, the YESWELDER digital MIG-205DS welder is highlighted as ‘Amazon’s Choice.’ And, in the past month, it has sold over 200+. Additionally, In 2732 ratings, it got 73% of 5-star reviews. Users express their satisfaction with its lightweight and compact design, portability, versatility, and also on its cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, some users complain about the durability, wire feed, and adjustability. (Check out the YESWELDER MIG-205DS review section)

Whatever, every product has advantages and disadvantages. But, the pro suggestion is that if you are a beginner or just want to experience welding, you can purchase it undoubtedly. 

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